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As a small rescue group, we have large outstanding vet bills for previous and current rescues. Any donation would be greatly appreciated so we can pay off our bill at the vet and continue to rescue more babies. You can contribute via PayPal to [email protected]  If you would like to sponsor a specific pet, please put that in the subject/comment line when donating. .Thank you for your consideration!!

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Started: November 13, 2014
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We are a small but mighty group! We work so hard to rescue as many babies as we can, We are a Great Pyrenees Rescue PLUS all others in needs. We save pregnant Moms, Moms with pups, neglected, abandoned and abused babies. Dogs, cats, kittens puppies and the occasional bird!

We need your help to continue our efforts. All animals are fully vetted before placement. We call vet references and do home inspections. We have a thorough online application and Great Pyr Questionaire. We are very strict and fussy! We want our babies to go on and have a happy healthy life.

Please help us to continue our lifesaving work by donating any amount possible. About 85% of our adult dogs need heartworm treatment. All are infested with parasites, many requiring expensive meds to eliminate. We do fecals, vaccines, spay, neuter, surgeries and ALWAYS microchip.. Once these babies come to TenderHeart we take care of them. We love them, we vet them, get them healthy, whatever it takes and then find the best homes possible.

You can donate by using PayPal directly to [email protected] 

Every cent counts and is tax deductible. Thank you very much and we appreciate your support!



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